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Why Climategate was not a computer hack

December 24, 2010

Excellent description of the difficulty of external hacking, thereby showing that the CRU email exposure last year was a leak.


Why Climategate was not a computer hack.

In the year since the Climategate material became public, I’ve read many articles on the effect the publication has had on the AGW debate. When it is referred to as a hack in them, I usually don’t bother reading any further. If the writer of the article is gullible enough to accept the silly proposition that it was a hack, then it won’t contain anything much in the way of insight; just the usual alarmist party line. If the writer does know better, then the article is disingenuous and the writer is being fundamentally dishonest.

Also interesting by Pointman



Thanks to Joanne Nova for linking to Pointman’s site.