Geomagnetic storm doesn’t stop Warmist from seeking the TRUTH

G3 Level Geomagnetic Storm -The solar wind has increased to near 800 km/s and combined with a southward Bz, is helping to stir up Geomagnetic Storming. The Kp index reached 7 and this indicates a G3 Category Geomagnetic Storm. Be on the lookout for Aurora at high latitude if you are currently located where it is dark outside. Source:

With the solar wind high, geomagnetic storms raging and auroras at their recent peak, this was the best time to fly at high altitude across the pole:

Jean-Louis Etienne to cross North Pole in a rozière balloon

”In embarking on this daring adventure, worthy of the novels of Jules Verne, I want to draw the world’s attention to: the shrinking of the Polar sea ice and its impact on the lifestyle of the native peoples of the North; the state of Arctic biodiversity; and the planet-wide climatic chaos that will ensue if the Polar ice disappears. The sea ice is the best indicator we have of the effectiveness of the measures that Man must take to curb global warming.”

The Council of the European Union, under the presidency of France, and the Principality of Monaco have joined forces to organise an international conference on the situation in the Arctic, involving representatives of the 17 member states of the European Union.

The aim of the conference is to set up an Arctic observatory to monitor, starting at the end of the International Polar Year, the long-term impact on the region of climate change and pollution.

Networking of data on this subject is a very positive initiative, but the rapid reduction in the polar ice creates an urgent need to address the causes of the problem too, i.e. to make every possible effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The melting of the polar sea ice is already having a serious impact on the life of the indigenous peoples and on the polar ecosystem itself, and particularly on that symbol of the polar zone: the polar bear. But going beyond the local consequences, the disappearance of the sea ice at the North Pole will inevitably trigger a period of climatic chaos, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere.

The polar sea ice is at near normal seasonal levels.

How is it: …already having a serious impact on the life of the indigenous peoples and on the polar ecosystem…


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